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Huangli Shi

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Watch Huangli Shi (黄历师) at 9Anime Streaming Online.Master HuangLi Shi, according to legend, refers to those alchemists who can change the four seasons of solar terms and festivals, and can predict good and bad daily.
The unemployed young man Xiao Nanzhu started his ancestral profession under his own inspiration, and now he wants to fight Yaoyao Ling.
New Year’s Eve: What do you look at, don’t you want to live for the New Year?
The eighth day of the eighth day: Today is a big crime, everything is inappropriate, I am afraid there will be… blood and light.
Qingming: So am I a solar term or a festival? I should get a double salary, right?
Winter Solstice: Well, as soon as winter arrives, digestion is fast. Those who want to eat dumplings want wontons want to eat dumplings~


Huangli Shi

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