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No Guns Life 2nd Season

No Guns Life 2nd Season N/A

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Other Name: No Guns Life, ノー・ガンズ・ライフ
Summary: Second half of No Guns Life. New technology “body function expansion technology” developed during the war by Beleren. A person whose part or all of his body was mechanized by the technique was called an extender. In a society in which expanders and non-expanders of real human beings are mixed, there is a constant stumbling block, and Inuijuzo has been a living business for a “processing shop” that solves these problems. And 13 was also an “expander” of a gun with a huge head. One day, Juzo is asked to protect a boy by a giant who is a full body extender. The boy’s name is Tetsuro Arayou. He was a boy kidnapped by Beluren. However, although 13 was requested, Tetsuro was robbed by the pursuit from Beureuren. Juso is going to set up a thing with Beluren Company, who has a great deal of control over the city, but… Who is the man with the full body expander who kidnapped Tetsuro? What is the relationship between Beluren and Tetsuro? The SF hard boiled series that is very popular in “Ultra Jump” opens here!

No Guns Life 2nd Season

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