Getter Robo Episode 46

Getter Robo

Watch Getter Robo at 9Anime Streaming Online. In ancient times, the earth was dominated by dinosaurs. However, they had no choice but to dive deep into the ground to avoid cosmic rays and getter lines that suddenly fell. Time has passed, the dinosaurs have evolved independently . They have appeared in the modern world to become rulers of the earth again. Leaded by a brutal ruler and Caesar Goal, General Bat and Secretary Galery have launched mechanized dinosaurs and Mechazaurs to extinct humanity.

Moreover, the great demon Jura behind them is the true lord of the dinosaur empire. The first to notice the crisis was the Saotome Institute. There is promotes space development by making effective use of getter lines. The director of the institute, Dr. Saotome, decides to give the three high school… Read more

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