Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season Episode 25

Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season

Kiratto Pri☆chan season 3

Watch Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season at 9Anime Streaming Online. Second Season of Kiratto Pri☆chan, adding one more idol.

Puri☆Chan! That is… a dream channel that anyone can become popular with!
Mirai Momoyama, Moe Moe and Rinka Aoba, who are in the second grade of junior high school living in Kira Inn, have formed the idol group “Miracle Kiratsu”! The popularity of programs is skyrocketing!
One day, the mysterious pre-chan idol “Daia” appears and gives everyone a jewel pact. Then, we announced the opening of “Jewel Audition”, a program to select “Jewel Idol” with a jewel-like brilliance!
Only idols who can pass the audition with a brilliant heart… Read more

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