Wu Geng Ji 3rd Season Episode 38

Wu Geng Ji 3rd Season

Watch Wu Geng Ji 3rd Season at 9Anime Streaming Online. Third season of Wu Geng Ji . The strongest brain hole Fengshen Romance “Wu Geng Ji” is jointly produced by Xuanji Technology and Tencent Video. It is an animation series adapted from Hong Kong Fengshen comics by Hangzhou Xuanji Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. and is directed by a famous animation director. Shen Leping (general director of “Qin Shi Mingyue”) personally directed, created by the top production team of Xuanji Technology, the work will be based on the original comics, following the background of ancient Chinese mythology, and interpreting a 3D magical fantasy theme with rich colors Epic giant system. King Zhou categorically rejected the oracle of “Heaven”, threw it into a torch and burned it, and openly issued a… Read more

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